Mission for Community Development (MCODE)

With limited resources available, we highly value foreign volunteers with different ideas and experiences to join our team. Within our programs, volunteers work alongside with Ugandan volunteers in a variety of projects to directly benefit orphaned children, women and rural communities. The projects include the following activities listed below.


Sponsor a Child
You can give a monthly or annual donation and keep in contact with one or more of the children.
A friend is the most important thing to take you through hard times in life.

Adopt a Family
All of our beneficiary families are either led by an elderly person or an orphan. By adopting a family, you can consider giving monthly and restore hope and opportunity for the most vulnerable households supported by MCODE [Uganda] through supporting a family of your choice.


When you choose to donate to MCODE, you are choosing to do more than support our organization efforts – you are working right alongside us to make positive change happen to the most vulnerable, marginalized and deprived in the society. 

Your donation will help restore hope and opportunity for hundreds of individuals in rural Uganda. You can be assured of our ongoing commitment to monitor and review how we are using resources and how to best leverage donations and funds. 

If you would like to make a donation in support of our work please click the button below

Partner with us

Let’s partner and agree to cooperate so as to advance our mutual interests.
Get in touch with us through our contact page so we can discuss about this partnership.

We welcome any individual, cooperate businesses, organizations to partner with us to provide the best for our community

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