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Rising Above Disability - KASAJJA GETS A NEW LIFE TWIST

With support from our generous supporters, MCODE has risen above disability! Kasajja Christopher is MCODE’s first disabled child to benefit from the “Rising Above Disability” programme where we promote mobility and self-reliance not sympathy.

Christopher was born disabled with both club feet and has been in this state for the last fourteen (14) years until of recent when MCODE identified him supported and his deformity corrected. Christopher received all these services from Katalemwa Cheshire Home located at Mpererwe along Gayaza Road.

Christopher, his siblings and mother were abandoned by the father since he was four years, so the mother could not cater for the surgery costs. From now onwards, Christopher will walk normally like other human beings, he is now hopeful and always has a smiling face.  

A big “thank you” to our donors! ♥

Before and after photos of Christopher after surgery to correct his feet.

Rising Above Disability - KASAJJA GETS A NEW LIFE TWIST
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