Mission for Community Development (MCODE)

Rainwater Tank project for schools

MCODE with support from The Project Solution was able to donate a rainwater catchment tank for Buleega Primary School in the Buikwe district. The school currently has access to clean water and children don’t waste class time fetching water as before.

In response to the poor access to clean water faced by children of Buleega school and given the limited resources, the school management, contacted MCODE to support them in installing a water collection tank at the school to uplift hygiene and sanitation.

The installation of the tank presented a pressing need as it presented problems such as poor hygiene which compromised the health of students, lesson interferences during while fetching water, and limited access to clean water by children and teachers in the school.

Given the above need, MCODE contacted The Project Solution to support the school to install a rainwater catchment tank. Prior to the installation, MCODE conducted a few meetings with the school management, B.O.D from where a steering committee was
formed. The committee consisted of the school B.O.D chairperson, the school headmaster, the P.T.A Chairperson, a teacher, the students’ leaders, and 2 of MCODE team members.

Nursery children were happy to see the tank delivered to their school, they clapped and chanted words of gratefulness.

Thank you Joe and the entire team of The Project Solution! ♥


Below are some of our documentation for the organization that is public.